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Most Recent User Reviews sidebar block


Staff member
Last minute addition to SC 2.2.0 as a [paid] request and donated back for inclusion within the core addon for everyone to use.

This Block display (as the title suggests) the most recent User Reviews made on items. This block is available on Showcase Home, Category Pages and core xf Forum Home sidebar, each with their own options settings).

Here are a couple screen shots.

These are the basic settings that are available for each of the 3 sidebar blocks.

In this shot, Im using the settings as shown in the settings above..


Here, I've unchecked the Title, Pros and Cons and am just displaying the Summary

And here, I have all the options disabled, so all that displays is the Item Title and the Star Ratings...
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For those of you that use the [bd] widget framework, there is a new renderer (starting with SC 2.2.0 RC 2) that you can use to create Most Recent User Review Widgets. The render has the same options as the core addon blocks have. The render has its own template separate from the core addon block, however, it is styled the same (same HTML/CSS).