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Missing articles after update to 1.6.5

Those undefined indexes mean that you have not saved your AMS Options Groups to make sure that any new Options that were added are properly set. There are 9 AMS Option Groups, you need to view each option group page and SAVE the Options again.

It appears that you are missing a TABLE. This is a common thing lately with all the server File Caching being improperly managed so that when you upload new files for and addon and run the addon XML to upgrade the addon, the OLD Files are Cached instead of being FLUSHED and there for any of the new SQL in the new Upgrade File is not run. You need to make sure that any file cache is flushed prior to upgrading addons.

I can fix that for you, however, I will need phpMyAdmin access to your Database to do it. Start a Conversation with me and provide phpMyAdmin login/pw and URL. If you are missing that table, you are also missing other tables/fields.
Problem thanks to Bob's help resolved. My upgrade errors. Thank you very much! :)
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