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Media tags show when posting a video


New Member
When posting a youtube video the media tags are displayed on the Showcase homepage. Is there a way to remove these?

Thanks :)
You'd have to modify core xenforo to change that behavior. Mike and Kier have both said that they won't be removing that.
hmm I don't think I explained myself properly. Did you mean this (see image) won't be fixed?


On the Showcase homepage it displays the tag itself - is that Xenforo doing that?
Yes, that is core xenforo functionality. It strips the BBCODE/HTML and replaces it with [attach], [img], [media] etc...
Im thinking about adding another field to the items table that would allow you to store HTML (not BBCODE) for an item summary/description that would be used for display in those areas. Would stop people from using Smiles and all the BBCODE issues. If I do it, it will first check to see if there is a summary/description and use that, if its NULL, then it would resort to using the Body of the first tab as summary content (like it is now).