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Implemented Layout Type: News View, News View II, Custom View, Custom View II


Staff member
As per title, there are 4 NEW Layout types (News View, News View II, Custom View and Custom View II) to go along with the 3 existing layout types (Article View, List View and Grid View).

News View and News View II are layouts that were designed for another addon of mine (AMS) that I thought could be useful in Showcase as well. Both of these use the responsive GRID system (each has its own set of responsive layout style properties just like Grid View has). Unlike Grid View, they have several display options that can be enabled/disabled (pretty much the same contents as Article View has) which gives you a ton of different "looks" that are now possible.

Custom View and Custom View II are blank slates (empty templates) for you to create your own layouts from scratch. They come with their own CSS templates. These blank templates have all the data passed into them as the other templates. This is an ON YOUR OWN type thing. Support does NOT include me build custom layouts for you (so don't ask). You can view the other layouts to see how things like {$showFields} work.

I'll post more details later along with screen shots.
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Can you recommend anyone who can build custom views for me? Nixfifty, perhaps?