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Resolved Knockout - DNP players not receiving strikes


This could be to do with... I don't know. Incorrect dates or something.


At what point are strikes applied in a Survivor pool if the player does not make a pick?
Incorrect dates or something.
That would be my guess since most of the issues you've had revolve around incorrect date settings.

At what point are strikes applied in a Survivor pool if the player does not make a pick?
They can not be processed until every single game for the week has been played, so the Week Lock Date is used to determine when DNP are processed (and it is not INSTANT, so it the won't be processed until its past the Lock Date AND the CRON "Pickem: Process Survivor Pools (Strikes and Eliminations)" has run.

Note: It is VERY IMPORTANT that the Week Start date for the next week is AT LEAST 24-48 hours AFTER the Week Lock Date of the previous week! This is so that you have at least 24-48 hours to let CRON do its thing, others wise, if the next week STARTS, nothing will be processed for the previous week.

I've only had 1 other person in the entire 11 year history of Survivor have this issue and it was because they set the Start Date of the next week 5 minutes after the lock date of the previous week, so the CRON would run, but wouldn't process anything as there was nothing to process for the CURRENT WEEK. That is why DATES are so important to set correctly.

Anyway, if your current week has already started, just edit the week and set the start date 24 hours ahead (like to tomorrow), that way the system will think its still in the previous week, run the cron, then edit the current week and set the start date back 24 hours again.

Survivor also lets you manually edit Players in Survivor pools (it has a full player interface, so you can edit a specific player and give them a strike and even eliminate them if need be).
Any plans to do any checking and error catching on these sorts of things? There are a hundred things to worry about running a large site and stopping to estimate whether my dates might or might not be OK is a bit of a drain on the mental resources. It would be nicer if the computer did more of those jobs.

With mine, I have a cron entry that runs at 5 minutes past the hour every hour, games finish on the Sunday most weeks, then the next round I set to start on the Monday around mid-day. Some weeks we have Wednesday games so you have a one day window to get the reminder times right. EPL is worse with shuffling of games - later in the season one round might finish at 6 AM (my time) and the next starts at 7:00. So I am juggling lock dates and start dates and crossing my fingers.

But in any case, you're working on these things.

And something I have just noticed - only one of the knockout comps had the problem of DNP players not getting a strike.

This from the other comp I have not edited (and was dreading as it has 700 players):

I started a new Survivor comp this week.

Again, DNP players strikes are not translating into strikes and eliminations.

amos here should be eliminated:


I have to go through and manually edit the DNP players to give them strikes and eliminate them.

Sucks with 400 players.

Meanwhile in our game from the start of the year, players are getting strikes and eliminations from DNPs:


Same league, same week start and end dates, different result. I just don't know what to do from here.