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Implemented Item Edit History (EditHistoryHandler)


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This suggestion has been implemented.

NOTE: This is a MODERATOR ONLY function based on having the "Edit items by anyone" Showcase Moderator permission AND Core XF Logging Options (edit history) has to be enabled.

NOTE 2: History only tracks the MAIN MESSAGE FIELD (Tab 1 message field)!

This works exactly like the POST edit history. Those with permissions to view Edit History (Moderators with permission to edit items by anyone), are able to view the history, compare versions and revert to a previous version.

When the viewing user has permission to view Item Edit History AND there IS a history log for the item, the History Link will display in the meta at the base of the Showcase Item.


Clicking on the History link toggles and AJAX action that displays the Edit History (standard form that is part of the EditHistoryHandler). You've probably all seen this via Post Edit History already.


As you can see, it has the same standard Version Comparison (which again, is part of the HANDLER, its not "post" specific).


As you can see, you can confirm a revert and revert it back to a specific edit version (which again, is part of the HANDLER, its not "post" specific).



There are TWO Core XenForo Logging Options that have effect on this. The First option is only partially effects AMS (AMS doesn't display the edited by like a post does). The Second option is very important as it MUST be enabled and you need to understand that these logs are PRUNED based on a cut off date. This option is for ALL CONTENT TYPES... the handler prunes the entire log, not just a specific content type.

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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
btw, for those of you that are aware of the "Revert Message Edits" function on the User Edit page (Admin CP), this function works for Showcase as well as its NOT POST specific, its fetches ALL that users edits for ANY Content type that uses the EditHistoryHandler.

For example.... Zord throws a online temper tantrum and rage quits. He edits all his showcase items as follows...


You go into the Admin CP, Edit the User 'zord', click on the Actions drop down, and select "Revert Message Edits".


This will launch an overlay that allows you to set the cut off date to go back to (incase it was like 30 days ago and you are just now finding out). When you click "Revert Edits", it will fetch ALL Content Types edits history (Posts, , Items, Articles, Comments, Reviews, Resources, Media etc) (any content type that uses edit history). he Handler will determine which pre edit version to revert back to (based on Cut Off date).


And after you run it, BOOM, the rage quite comment is GONE and the pre-edit version has replaced it.