showcase 2.5.3

  1. Bob

    Implemented Item Edit History (EditHistoryHandler)

    This suggestion has been implemented. NOTE: This is a MODERATOR ONLY function based on having the "Edit items by anyone" Showcase Moderator permission AND Core XF Logging Options (edit history) has to be enabled. NOTE 2: History only tracks the MAIN MESSAGE FIELD (Tab 1 message field)...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Closing/Opening (locking/Unlocking) Comments

    As per title, the ability for the User Comments on a given Showcase Item to be CLOSED (locked) or OPEN (Unlocked). This has been fully implemented. Some quick notes about this: This is a Moderator function driven by the Showcase Moderator permission "Lock / unlock Comments" When Comments...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Item Tools: Moderator Actions

    This has been implemented in SC 2.5.3 Any viewing user that has ONE of the following Showcase MODERATOR type permissions set will see the Moderator Actions link: Edit items by anyone Delete items, Undelete items, Hard-delete items Approve / unapprove items, Reassign Items The link is...
  4. Bob

    Implemented Item Tools dropdown

    Starting with SC 2.5.3, the Item Tools Sidebar block has been removed and replaced with a much more functional Item Tools dropdown that is located with the Item Tabs. This has been tested in another addon of mine for about a year and it makes administration so much better (specially on...
  5. Bob

    Implemented Insert image attachment (Thumbmail or Full Image) to the Editor for Tab 1

    As per title, you can now insert an image attachment (Thumbnail or Full Image) to the Message Editor for Tab 1. This is limited to the Message Editor for TAB 1 ONLY!
  6. Dadparvar

    Implemented User Profile Options: Set Sort Order, Layout Type and other options

    Hi, I wish it was possible to choose whether to show user's showcase items in user profile under showcase tab in Grid or Article view. Regards
  7. Hentai

    Implemented More detailed Error Message for Value Match Requirements (Item Fields & Review Fields)

    I have a lot of fields that require specific syntax. I would love to be able to give my users a clue about what they are doing wrong beyond the very generic (and not really descriptive) "Please enter a value that matches the required format" error that pops up. Its a usability issue that pops...
  8. 3rd angle

    Implemented Other file types upload (File Attachments)

    i just realized i cannot upload pdf files on my showcase items...