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Is it possible to set the default alert preferences?


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Our members don't like having alerts for 'Comments on a watched showcase' ticked by default. Is there anywhere I can make that box unticked by default? (If not an option, a template that could be edited?)

Edit: Or alternately, make it so that commenting on a showcase doesn't watch it automatically.
They can disable alerts in their alert preferences. There are 13 different types of Showcase Alerts that can be individually enabled/disabled on a per user basis. If they don't want certain alerts, that is what the Alert Preferences are for. They can't manage alerts on a per showcase basis however, so comment type Alerts are either ON or OFF for ALL items.

The Red Arrows point to specific types of comment alerts.

It seems like the boxes are all ticked by default. Is it possible to make them all unticked by default? Nobody wants the alerts.
It seems like the boxes are all ticked by default
It is an OPT OUT system, not an OPT IN system. The way the core xenforo alert preferences system works is that when you UNCHECK a specific alert type, a RECORD is created in the Database for that user and that alert type. When the system sends out alerts, it checks to see if there are any users that have OPT OUT of that specific alert type and doesn't send an alert to those individuals.

This is CORE XENFORO. Its not Showcase functionality. Addons can tie into it, but they can't change the behavior of how the system works.
Would it be possible then to remove 'comments on a watched showcase item' completely by editing a template?
No. Templates are not programming code, so editing them does not effect functionality. To modify functionality, you'd need to edit programming files (and in this case, there would be a lot to edit in several different files).

I don't understand why your users can't take a few seconds to uncheck a couple alert options. SECONDS of time is all we are talking about and only having to do it ONCE. I could understand if the process took several MINUTES and had to be done multiple times a day, however, this is a one time only deal that literally only takes a few seconds. They don't even have to hit submit, just uncheck, and enjoy not getting any more alerts for that alert type.