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Updated image attachment limit on pages?


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When I break an article into multiple pages, and I go to manage "page 2" and attach files, I got the error "You may only attach 4 files" when attempting to attach 8 images to part 2 of the article. I looked at permissions and settings, and can't find how / where I'm being restricted?
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Currently, Article Pages use the core XF attachments option "Maximum attachments per message" setting (which is not for THREADS, its for all content types that implement attachments).

Check and see if that is set to 4.

AMS does have some of its own options (for the ams_article content type) that I could use in place of the core option, so feel free to make a suggestion (probably its own option(s)).
Yeah, that's it! I guess the multi-page feature treats sub-pages like messages... I'm pretty sure I have a primary ("one page") article with more than 10 attachments.
I'm pretty sure I have a primary ("one page") article with more than 10 attachments.
Yes, the content type 'ams_article' has some of its OWN attachment options that override the core attachment options, one of which is Maximum attachments per article. The default on that is set to 25, so unless you changed it, you'll be able to upload 25 attachments to the article.


Article Pages are a different content type 'ams_page'. They also have an attachment handler, however, that handler uses core attachment options instead (just like most content types do to include ams_comment and ams_review content types). The attachment handler for article pages is also limited to just image attachments. I'll be making a change so that you can control the amount of image attachments can be uploaded to an article page (it will be an AMS option setting, just like the one above).
Article Pages now use the "Maximum attachments per article" option to determine how many image attachments can be uploaded per page (so if its set to 25, that means you can added a max of 25 to EACH page).