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I don´t like pictures in different sizes on Showcase Home


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Upps, what is it?
After update to 2.2 i see my showcase home so ............ why?showcase1.jpg

I prefer images in the same size, what can i do?
The first two post upgrade steps (in the install and upgrade doc)

Step 1. You need to set the new Showcase Thumbnail Dimensions Option (Options >> Showcase >> Showcase Thumbnail Dimensions. Default is set at 300x300. If you like the LOOK of the Demo site, I have mine set at 350x225.

Step 2. Rebuild SHOWCASE Thumbnails (not xf thumbnails). DO NOT SKIP THIS IMPORTANT STEP! (Tools >> Rebuild Caches >> Rebuild Showcase Thumbnails

Then you will need to do a hard refresh on your browser to make sure you clear an image cache.
I love this support :D

Step 1: 300x300 before i ask
Step 2: I rebuild before i ask
Step 3: ??? Hard Refresh :D :rolleyes:

100 Points for Step 3 !
Thanks Bob, that´s the answer :)