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Resolved How To Do an Image above Category


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AMS Premium
So, looking at the options under AMS current version, looks like I should be able to have an image above the articles in a category... Not seeing it, or not understanding the feature?

CI Tech Archive

My Config...
Screenshot from 2022-10-05 17-40-27.png

The result:

Screenshot from 2022-10-05 17-38-54.png
The Category Content Images purpose is a FALL BACK for Articles that do not have a Cover Image set. There are a lot of AMS Premium license holders that have articles that do not have images uploaded to the article, but still needs something to be used to display on LISTING pages that use Grid View or Tile view, so that is what the Category Content Image is used for.

You can also use it for customization purposes (like add it to the Category Content block via HTML).

Its not designed for being displayed on Category Pages.
I wouldn't be opposed to adding a new feature that displays a Category Cover Image on the Category page tho (altho, don't post it here, post it at Area 51 so that it holds more weight ;) )