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How do I give money to existing members?



I have just installed Sportsbook on my test installation and every existing member have $0 of Sportsbook cash. The relevant settings are:

Default Sporstbook Cash Amount: 500
[X] Enable Cash to Poor System
Cash to Poor Amount: 100
Cash to Poor Cutoff Days: 7

As I understand, the default sportsbook cash amount only works for newly created members.

Is the cash to poor setting going to work for my existing members, after 7 days of having installed Sportsbook? Or do I need to give them manually $500? If so, considering that it's a new installation, should I use "Mass Award Cash" or "Mass Reset Cash"?

should I use "Mass Award Cash" or "Mass Reset Cash"?
Both of these will work for your case.

Mass Award Cash: This will add the specified amount to everyone's Sportsbook cash balance.

Mass Reset Cash: This will mass reset everyone's Sportsbook cash balance to the amount specified.

Since everyone has $0, using either of the above options will do the same exact thing. The difference kicks in once members actually have $xxx values.

Bob has $1000. Rick has $2000. Bill has $4000. If I wanted to give everyone $1000, I'd use the Mass Award Cash as this will add $1000 to all the existing amounts.. eg, Bob would now have $2000, Rick would now have $3000 and Bill would now have $5000. On the other hand, if I wanted to RESET everyone's amount to be the same, I'd use the Mass Rest Cash function so that Bob, Rick and Bill all had $1000.

If you just want to set an amount for an individual, you edit the user and set the sportsbook cash amount.