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Hide Showcase Items per usergroup


New Member
Hi Bob,

Would it be possible for Showcase items user posted to be hidden away from main usergroup and public guests once user subscription expires and falls back to the main usergroup that has no privilege to post items in Showcase.

Please advise

Thank you!
I can't think of any way to handle that without some custom code. Just thinking out loud, you could probably do something via CRON (nightly) that would get a list of user IDs that had their subscriptions expire and then use those IDs to run a method to change the showcase items from a "visible" state to "deleted" (which is soft deleted) OR move them into a hidden category. Either way, you'd need to make sure you use the DataWriters to do this as you can't just manually manipulate the DB as their are methods in the DWs that need to fire based on certain changes (like state changes and category moves).