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Adding instructions to Showcase


New Member
Hi @Bob and all.

I have added Showcase to a new forum here: Showcase
I've also added a post so people know 'How to' add their item here: HOW TO: Showcase your blog

The first person to use the showcase other than me didn't bother to read anything, he went straight in and added his blog - which is GREAT and exactly what I wanted to happen - but I'd like to be able to supply instructions, or a link to the instructions, on the showcase main page.

How do I do this please?
What people have done in the past is use the XF Notices system to do that. The Notices system can place notices at precise points via page criteria, specifically the Page information >> Content template is option.



If you want your notice on the Create blog page, use Content template is: xa_ubs_blog_create

If you want your notice on the Add entry page, use Content template is: xa_ubs_category_add_blog_entry