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Resolved Hide Article menu item in main menu


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I have just installed AMS on a 1.5 system after I tried a couple of other ways and AMS looks like the way to go for us.

But as a newbie I stumble upon a couple of things that probably already been answered, but I use the wrong search strings...

The first thing I ponder about is if it is a good idea to remove the link to AMS in the top menu?
I would like to give "normal" users other paths in to articles and that menu have too many alternatives already. Or will that cause users to "get lost"? And if it is OK to hide it, where do I do it?
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The first thing I ponder about is if it is a good idea to remove the link to AMS in the top menu?
Its not, but some people like to hide navigation tabs for some reason. I guess its personal preference, but my experience is hiding navigational elements is never a good thing.

You can hide any Navigation Tab via CSS. Add the below CSS to Extra.css (for each style) to hide the Articles Tab.

.navTabs .navTab.ams
    display: none!important;
Thanks. I'll take it under advisement. I can see a number om implications by removing it.
So I will test it and make sure there is no obvious downsides for users.

That does remove the menu for all. I was more inclined to let it be group dependent, so that writers get to see it.
On the other hand, I think that is OK, as I have added a special dropdown with valuable links for pro users, and they love that one, so i can just add the link there.