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Implemented Article Content Find / Replace


Staff member
This was funded by @alfa1 and donated back to the community.

As per title, there is a new AMS admin tool "Article content find / replace" that does the same exact thing as the popular "Post Content Find / Replace", but for AMS content.


The main interface is the same as the "Post content find / replace" except searches AMS message content (Articles, Article Pages, Comments and Reviews).


As you can see in this screenshot, the search found matches for an Article, an Article Page, a Comment and a Review. You can either click on the IDs (which links you to the content) so that you can manually handle each specific content that has been found OR you can check the "Save changes" check box and click [Proceed] button, which will then perform the replace dynamically (again, works the same as the Post Content Find / Replace).


  1. The system will not check that your regular expression is valid, or that it matches. It will fall over if your expression does not compile, and it will simply not match anything if the logic is incorrect.
  2. There is no batch processing, so if you are attempting to replace something that occurs in a lot of articles, article pages, comments and reviews, this could be very slow and might time-out.

Note: If anyone would like to fund a similar feature for any of my other add-ons, start a conversation with me.
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