ams 2.2.23

  1. Bob

    Implemented Widget positions for below articles list on AMS Index and AMS Category pages

    As per suggestion made by AMS premium license holder...
  2. Bob

    Updated Reassigning comments and ratings (reviews) are now being logged in the Moderator Log

    As per title, when reassigning a comment or a rating, those actions are now logged in the Moderator Log as well as included in the Moderator actions of an Article. Editing of Comments and Ratings by Moderators, are also now logged in the Moderator Log as well as included in the Moderator...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Permissions to reassign content and change content date(s)

    As per title, I've re-added 7 permissions for finer control over the reassign content functions (moderator permission only) and the ability to change content dates (both content user and content moderator permissions).
  4. Bob

    Implemented Article Content Find / Replace

    This was funded by @alfa1 and donated back to the community. As per title, there is a new AMS admin tool "Article content find / replace" that does the same exact thing as the popular "Post Content Find / Replace", but for AMS content. The main interface is the same as the "Post content...
  5. tonmo

    Implemented AMS: Appearance Style Property - Share this article block

    Hi, I'd like an option to remove the "Share This Article" sidebar block - possible to make this an option (vs. a template modification)? Edit: In fact, an ideal setting may be "include Share this article" (on by default) with sub-settings for "include BB code components" (also on by default)...