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Resolved Article viewing restricted/permitted by user group?


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Hi Bob,

Fantastic extension, love it!!

Maybe it already does this and I just haven't found it yet: Can I restrict who can see a subsection of articles based on which user groups someone belongs to?

For example: I sell a package of information (or several different ones), I'd like the users to visit the articles system and see the topics they have access to and nothing else.

Is there a way to accomplish this?
I can do that with threads and user groups, but your article system is so much better and prettier.

Yes, you can accomplish that via AMS Category Permissions (which are the same as Node Permissions).

You can make a Category a private, just like you can make a Node private. You can set User Group permissions for a Category, just like you can with Nodes.

As you can see, each AMS Category has a "Permissions" link (same as each Node has).


Here you see that I've clicked on Permissions for the Category "News". This page looks exactly like the Node Permissions page (as its using core xf templates and macros).

The same types of features apply.. eg, you can see that you can set this category to be a Private category, in which you have to explicitly edit each user group (by clicking on the user groups listed on this page), and set any of the VIEW permissions in order to view articles in this category.

You can also just edit user groups in this category and REVOKE view permissions, but I find it easier to use the Private category feature.


When editing user groups for a specific AMS Category, only permissions for AMS are displayed (as it only applies to AMS, just like when doing the same for a Node, only Node Permissions are displayed).


So basically, its the same as you'd do for Forums/Threads :) Both XenForo Resource Manager and XenForo Media Gallery have the same Category Permissions System (as its a Core XF System designed for Addons to implement and has the same power as the Nodes System).

Hope that makes sense and is what you want/need?