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Help translating "Sportsbook Event"



When I click on XF's "Your Content", I get a list of all my content with its content type: Thread, Post, Profile Post, etc. and also "Sportsbook Event".

I have translated the phrase sportsbook_event but in there it still showing "Sportsbook Event". Maybe because your forgot to add the prefix nflj_ to the phrase name?

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There are 20 + Phrases that have the case sensitive term "Sportsbook Event" in them (and over 75 if you search non case sensitive). You need to start using the XenForo Search Phrases function as that function is designed for helping you find phrases based on things like phrase text.

When you do a case sensitive search on the term "Sportsbook Event", you will see that 2 of the phrases returned involve SEARCH (which clicking on the "My Content" is a XenForo SEARCH feature and even says "Search Results" right on the page). When you edit the phrase 'nflj_sportsbook_search_content_type' you will see that the Phrase Text is "Sportsbook Event".

btw, the phrase 'sportsbook_event' is used for the XenForo content_type 'sportsbook_event'. They need to MATCH (its an internal programming thing), so it can't be prefixed.