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Discussion in 'Sportsbook Support' started by mindzipper, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. mindzipper

    mindzipper New Member Sportsbook

    Hello, strange problem here.

    I manage several forums. one of them is using sportsbook. they've been using it for several years, going back to 1x of XenForo

    I upgraded their forum recently including the new sportsbook. I asked them to have someone set up an event, since I have never looked at this addon.

    I found out there is only one person that knows the addon at all and he rarely posts. mostly just to post events etc.

    I need to find the latest documentation so i can read up on the operation of the addon. Right now I need to push my updated forum live but can't because nobody available has any clue how to set up and event and have people test it.

    it's unreal that only one person knows this addon so i need a crash course, needing the docs.

    I can also tell you this user is up to date on their support and in private can provide info.
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I can write you up a how to guide. Might take me a few days as I've got other projects going on at the moment. Its pretty easy to use (altho, you need to have some basic understanding of how real world wagering works in general). If you are in the US and have the time, we could chat over the phone even :)
  3. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    The In a Nut Shell version...

    Step 1. Create an Event. An Event is something like a Football Game eg, "Denver Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders".

    Step 2. Add Outcomes to the Event. You can add as many outcomes as you want to. An Outcome is something that your members will be placing Wagers on. eg... Broncos Win, Raiders Win, Broncos score first, Raiders score a defensive Touchdown etc etc etc. When you create an outcome, you set the PAYOUT ODDS for that specific outcome (and you can set the odds in 3 different type of formats depending on which one you are familiar with).


    Once an event has outcomes added to it (and the event is in an OPEN status), members can begin placing wagers on outcomes (until the event closes or the outcome is locked).

    Once the Event is OVER, you will settle the event by marking each Outcome that PAYS OUT.

    That is it.

    In the how to, I will explain some of the more advanced Outcome Options.

    Note: There are permissions and options in the Admin CP, but those should be self explanatory. If you have a question on a specific option or permission, just ask.

    Its EASY... don't over complicate it ;)
  4. mindzipper

    mindzipper New Member Sportsbook

    Hi Bob and a huge thank you for the assist. I'm familiar with odds, betting etc I just never took an active roll on this forum. I don't do front end management for them, though i'm an active poster, I just manage the software, network and server instances.

    I did create an event and one outcome, but i couldn't figure out how to 'bet' on it. I did that before posting here, but maybe I'm not understanding how this system works and maybe I need at least two of them to allow betting.

    I'll follow up with that and see how far I can get :) I will learn this system through and through now that it has my attention. That's not a problem.

    Again I really appreciate the help!
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  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Make sure that the event is OPEN and the outcome is not locked. Also, you have to have enough "cash" to place a wager on an outcome. If an outcome has a min required amount and you don't have enough cash, you can't place a bet (and the place wager link won't be displayed). Most of the time if the place wager link isn't displayed, you either don't have the available cash or don't have permission to place wagers.
  6. mindzipper

    mindzipper New Member Sportsbook

    I got it. Ugh what a mess. had to do with when I upgraded the forum itself. For some reason even though it allowed me to perform administrative duties, when I looked at my usergroups I wasn't assigned to ANY of them.

    I had made a special group when i initially set this up for better granular management and named it 'sportsbook', setting the perms to only allow people in the group to manage it. But somehow i was removed from the group when I did my upgrade.

    it's working fine now :) Thank you!
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