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Font awesome problem in rate and review page


AMS Premium
CAS Premium
RMS Premium
SC Premium
UBS Premium

Font Awesome everywhere is OK (either Font Awesome Include be disabled or not).
But in rate and review page its not working.
Any idea will be appreciated.
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This is happening on the Core XF Default Style? This has been in place for over a YEAR now. I find it hard to believe that its just NOW a bug. Must have something to do with your 3rd party style. btw, PICTURES of style issues are worthless to me. I need to SEE the HTML/CSS (so I'll need a URL to your site so I can inspect with chrome tools (and in this case, I will need an Admin Login as I can't see an EDIT forum without being able to edit an existing Item). You can inbox with with the URL and Login and I will take a look sometime today :)
I just solved it by adding the code below to "EXTRA.css":
    font-family:'FontAwesome' !important;
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