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Fields are not in tabbed view while creating or editing items

Discussion in 'Showcase Support' started by Dadparvar, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. Dadparvar

    Dadparvar Member AMS Premium RMS Premium SC Premium UBS Premium


    When I want to create or edit an item in showcase (although each tab has its own name in category setting and although I set the fields to be displayed in each tabs) but they are all appearing below each other and no tabs are being shown.
    How can I set them to be displayed in tabbed view while creating or editing items?

  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    You can download some of the earlier versions of showcase and install them on your development machine. I used to have a Tabbed Interface on the Create and Edit form, however, it caused A LOT of confusion for users, so moved away with it and went with a TOP to BOTTOM order (just like the XFRM does).

    btw, this isn't a COPY/PASTE solution for you, however, it will give you somewhat of an idea of how to pull it off. Its NOT an EASY customization, nor is it something that I will spend several hours writing a howto for. If you have a basic understanding of the Tab CONTAINER system, then you should be able to pull it of without much difficulty.
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  3. Dadparvar

    Dadparvar Member AMS Premium RMS Premium SC Premium UBS Premium

    Thanks. I'll try if I find enough time.
    You could (and it was better) give option to us to choose which one we like in our showcase options in ACP (like lots of options that you gave us), instead of removing it all. (the same you did with overlay for rate and review)
    Anyway you are right, that its not logical you spend a lot time to do it again for me.
  4. alfa1

    alfa1 Active Member AMS Premium CAS Premium RMS Premium SC Premium UBS Premium

    The fields are there for you to edit. Having them in tabs may add some order but I dont see how that is important enough to spend valuable development time on, instead of adding really awesome stuff as usual. Seems trivial to me.
  5. Dadparvar

    Dadparvar Member AMS Premium RMS Premium SC Premium UBS Premium

    Its trivial indeed.
    But we have a lot of fields with lots of choices for different tabs.
    And now it looks so messy.
    If it was tabbed, it could be little neat.
    But as you said, its now too important. Just could be better if it was.
    Anyway thanks.
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