1. Dadparvar

    Clickable links in item comments replies

    Hi, It seems comments of items doesn't change a URL to clickable link and doesn't change it to its title. Am I right? Or something is wrong with my showcase? If its true, will this be implemented in future? Thanks
  2. Dadparvar

    Status of categories

    Hi, Sometimes (for any reason) it is needed to hide a category from users. This may be in two ways: Sometimes also needed even items in that category to be hidden But sometimes just the category itself alone need to be hidden Is it possible now? If yes, how can I do it please? If no, it...
  3. Dadparvar

    Fields are not in tabbed view while creating or editing items

    Hi, When I want to create or edit an item in showcase (although each tab has its own name in category setting and although I set the fields to be displayed in each tabs) but they are all appearing below each other and no tabs are being shown. How can I set them to be displayed in tabbed view...