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Answered Featured Articles


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How do you make an article recommended? (so that it will be displayed in the 'Featured Articles' widget)

The forum is version v2.2.12

Featuring Articles in a AMS Moderator Permission Based function, so the first thing that you need to check is User Group Permissions, specifically the AMS Article Moderator Permissions.


When viewing an Article, if the viewing user is a Moderator and has the appropriate permissions set and the article is in a visible state and is able to be featured, then there is a LINK in the More options dropdown.


And when an article is featured, the link turns into an "Unfeature article" link.


AMS also had BULK featuring and unfeature via Inline Moderation.


AMS also has an Auto Feature system that is configured via AMS Options.

Read More details on auto feature here: Implemented - Automatically Feature Articles based on AMS Options Criteria


Hope that helps :)
so that it will be displayed in the 'Featured Articles' widget
AMS Index page and AMS Category pages display featured content above the Article Listing. This is not done via a "Widget", its done via content fetched by the controller and exposed to the view template, which uses special blocks of template code to "display" featured content.

For displaying Featured Article content outside of AMS (like on Forum Home page), you can create Featured Article widgets by using the AMS: Featured Article Widget Definition (which is done via the XF Widgets System). You can create as many featured widgets as you want to (the Definition includes several configuration options, so you can create several widgets like a slider and a Grid Block and a sidebar block etc etc etc). You are not limited to 1 widget per widget definition.

Admin CP >> Appearance >> Widgets >> Add widget >> Choose Definition >> AMS: Featured articles
I´ll ask in this thread as it is related.
Is there a way to use the featured list (using 3) and always have the latest one the first, right now it random changes the 3 i have chosen. Given i very rarely post i need it to be in a specific order :)