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Exclude a category on Showcase landing page


New Member
AMS Premium
A niche request, but I was wondering if it's possible to customise the Showcase home landing page to exclude items from ONE Showcase category from being displayed within all filters (i.e. Most Recent, Most Popular, etc.) ?

This would only have to take effect on the Showcase home page only.

I noticed what I'm looking for is replicated in the "Showcase: Most Recent Items" Widget Framework block, which allows us to select "Applicable Categories":

If there was a way to replicate this on the Showcase home page that would be great, as I have one particular Showcase category I'd prefer not to be featured on the Showcase home page.
Its doable, but it would require modification to the showcase controller. If you are comfortable doing file edits, you can inbox me for details. Its not something I am going to publish publicly.
I assume that this is the same category that you want a navigation tab for. I think that what you are asking for here is to treat a category as a separate showcase instance, so that all content from that category is kept separate from the rest.