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Fixed Error when restoring spam cleaned member

Discussion in 'Showcase Resolved Bug Reports' started by The Sandman, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. The Sandman

    The Sandman Member

    Getting this error when trying to restore a user who's been spam cleaned:
    Error Info
    ErrorException: Fatal Error: Call to undefined method NFLJ_Showcase_Model_InlineMod_Item::undeleteResources() - library/NFLJ/Showcase/SpamHandler/Item.php:66
    Generated By: The Sandman, 2 minutes ago
    Stack Trace
    #0 [internal function]: XenForo_Application::handleFatalError()
    #1 {main}
    Request State
    array(3) {
      ["url"] => string(60) "https://theadminzone.com/admin.php?spam-cleaner/2576/restore"
      ["_GET"] => array(1) {
        ["spam-cleaner/2576/restore"] => string(0) ""
      ["_POST"] => array(2) {
        ["_xfConfirm"] => string(1) "1"
        ["_xfToken"] => string(8) "********"
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    here ya go..

    Unzip and upload this file to /library/NFLJ/Showcase/SpamHandler/ (replace the existing Item.php file with the one in the Zip Archive)

    Attached Files:

  3. The Sandman

    The Sandman Member

  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Please test and let me know. It will at least stop the error, but will be nice to know if it also DOES restore the Showcase Items
  5. The Sandman

    The Sandman Member

    I'll set up a test when I get home from work - the user account that triggered the error was already restored manually.
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