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Implemented [Enhanced] Event Editing

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
This has been implemented.

You can now edit the following fields after an event has been settled (if you have the appropriate permissions):

Category: This allows you to move settled events into an archive (as per request)
Discussion Thread ID: This allows you to disassociate a discussion thread (or even associate a new one)
Title: This allows you to change a prefix or name of the event (as per request)
Description: This allows you to change the description (as per request)

The following fields are NOT editable once an event has been settled:

Status: Once settled, the status is LOCKED
Event Dates: Once settled, the date fields are LOCKED
Time Zone: Once settled, the timezone is LOCKED
Outcomes: Once settled, all outcomes are LOCKED
Nice job! Thanks for implementing that. Seems like a big update is coming.
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No problem :) and yes, this is a rather large update with some much needed new functionality!

This is what the edit view looks like for a settled event now...