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Edit item/review/comment grace period


On my site I use two permission levels for the showcase, ordinary registered people can only submit, but if they continue to stay, they will eventually be able to edit their own items as well. However, for those who can just submit, it would be nice to set a grace period of say two hours to be able to edit out any typos or formatting issues.
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same setting/behavior as core xenforo and editing posts or conversations?

Time limit on editing/deleting own posts (minutes): () Unlimited (o) [120] + -
Time limit on editing own messages (minutes): ()Unlimited (o) [120] + -
This is implemented and will be available in SC 2.2.0

Time limit on editing/deleting own items (minutes): () Unlimited (o) [120] + -
Time limit on editing/deleting own reviews (minutes): () Unlimited (o) [120] + -
Time limit on editing/deleting own comments (minutes): () Unlimited (o) [120] + -