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Showcase DTO Showcase to Showcase


New Member
I currently have DTO showcase on my main site, and I'm looking for a replacement add-on that works for xF.

Does your Showcase have the capability to import my current DTO Showcase db and convert it to your Showcase?
Showcase doesn't have any importers included with it. I just don't have the demand for it. There have been a few DTO users that have done imports into showcase tho. Not sure if they went in together for a custom importer or not, but everyone of them that asked me about it has converted to showcase. I can ask them to contact you.


Also, has anything changed on this topic? I'd prefer to rename it "Garage".

What do you mean changed? Everything is PHRASED. The term Showcase is used like 500 odd times in various phrases, so you'd need to spend some time editing phrases. MattW (he posted in that thread) listed the most prominent phrases you'd want to change.

One thing that HAS changed is that Core XF now has the ability to change the name of a ROUTE, so instead of showcase in the URL, you can change the ROUTE from showcase to garage. Most people just change the route, the Navigation Tab name and a few of the more common used phrases that have the term showcase in them.

Hoping for a major change in the phrase system in XF 2.0 series that makes this much easier to deal with (on both the development side AND the translation side)
Ha, now I'm looking for an import for a DTO garage script.
I know for a fact that several sites have had DTO Garage imported into Showcase, so someone out there has had an importer developed. I wish people would post that information here so that others that need it can contact the developer(s) that have done the imports.

Im not sure how busy XON is, but he is more than capable of developing solid importers and is very familiar with my addons, so if he's available, he should be able to knock something out fairly quickly vs hiring someone that would need to spend time doing R&D.
Did you ever find someone that posted one? I found one person, but they seem to want a pretty high price.
No luck. And ya, they could get expensive depending on who you hire. The professionals are going to be more expensive, but you get a solid product (and support).