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Not a Bug decimal odds

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As you can see here: http://oddsconverter.co.uk/
To convert fractional odds to decimal, divide the first figure by the second figure add 1.00 (so 11/4 = 2.75, then add 1.00 = 3.75).

Sportsbook convert odds in "decimal - 1.0"


9/4 is 3.25 (1$ => 3.25$)
Sportsbook say 2,25.

How can I fix it temporally, waiting for the next update?
This add does not use the European Decimal Odds factoring nor does it convert anything. Not sure where you came up with the idea that it does. I've not published that anywhere. This addon is based on US Sports Wagering (ie Vegas).

The Decimal Odds that are displayed are simply the decimal version of the fraction (American, not British or European)..

ie 2/1 = 2.00 5/1 = 5.00

If you want it to display the decimals in another format, you will need to modify all the various 'formatOutcomeOdds' methods in the models. That would only effect the "Display", it wouldn't effect any financial differences (if there are any).

I won't be changing this, but will consider adding in functionality to allow an admin to chose which decimal system to display.

also, inbox me and I can assist you in modifying the appropriate methods.
Opsss! I was thinking that the option for decimal was intended for european decimal odds.
Yes I confirm that the calculation of the outcome is right, only the output is wrong viewing from the "european side".

I think it can be a smart thing add the "european view" in this addon, so your customers target will increase.

I will inbox you for modify the method adding the "lost 1.0" ;)
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