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Resolved DB table


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Is this table xf_xa_ams_author_watch still used by the last AMS version ?
I use this add-on Check Tables | XenForo community and it said it is no more used, that's why i'm asking.

That specific table contains important legacy data from AMS 1.x (for 1000's of sites) that will be used again in a future version of AMS (maybe AMS 2.3.0, you'll have to wait and see).

Deleting Legacy Data without a valid reason is the dumbest thing anyone can do. You NEVER delete data unless there is a VALID reason to do so. In this case, there is NO VALID reason to delete legacy data stored in that table, which is the main reason that table has not be removed (the other being that the "Watch author" feature might be re-introduce and if so, members wouldn't lose all that "Watch author" data.

Even if I decide that I am never going to re-implement the "Watch author" feature, the table would not be immediately removed as that would only be done in a 1st or 2nd point release, never during a 3rd point release.

Anyway... that table is there for a REASON and now you know what that reason is, so you can worry about something else now ;)
Thank you for these explanations, I suspected that she was not there for nothing but I preferred to ask the question. So I will put this table in the whitelist of the add-on. Quite practical add-on moreover, many add-ons leave traces in the databases when they have been uninstalled.
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