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Custom Fields Output Question


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Bob, I upgraded to the 2.0 and something happened. My brain might be fried, but I can't figure out what to change to get my fields working right. I want to link to a facebook page in a custom field by using an icon. My value display HTML is:

<a href="{$value}" target="new"><img name="facebook" src="http://www.ampodcastnetwork.com/forum/xxxxxx/facebook.png" width="32" height="32" alt="Facebook"></a>

and it should only show the icon linked to the fb page. However it's showing the code. Here is an example http://www.ampodcastnetwork.com/forum/podcasts/19-kids-and-counting.338/

How can I get this looking right again? TIA!
Thank you Bob, I check it out. I think I might have to just remove the custom fields. That new coding is well above my skill level.

Edit: Do you have a bit more information on this? I just want to add icons and link them. Should be simple, but your example you linked to doesn't get me in that direction much.
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Ah, I see what you are trying to do. I've never done it, so I will have to mess around with it. It would be the same as for core xf user fields tho (which there are probably lots of examples at xf.com)
ok, well I might be out of luck on that then. I haven't attempted it still. I will check it out over the weekend and see if I can make it work or delete all of it.
Why on earth would you have to delete all of it? There are some things that require customization via a template edit. Showcase uses the same exact code as both Custom User fields and the Resource Manager, so if it can be done in either of those, it can be done in Showcase the same exact way. I spent about an hour searching on XF.com and could not find one example for Custom User Fields of what you want to do. However, I've seen several people (like Sheldon for example) that have done exactly what you want to do using a combo of Custom User Fields AND a template edit to format it correctly (as it couldn't be done via the Custom Fields interface by itself). I asked Sheldon to give me an example for you (since he's actually done it) , but I've not heard back from him. Hopefully he will respond soon as he KNOWS exactly how to do it.
My apologies, I meant delete all of those links if I am unable to figure out a way to process them correctly. I truly appreciate the help Bob. I just haven't tried fixing it just yet and wasn't sure what it entailed. I am not impatient so I will standby to see if Sheldon knows. Thank you again.
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Bob, just to follow up on this. I think what I will do is basically disable or hide those custom fields. I am just not competent enough to code those correctly. If Sheldon is able to show me what he did then I will take another stab at it. I have never done a custom user field in xF or the resource manager. I think it took me hours to learn how to make those fields last time in 1.xx Showcase, lol. I am just not ready to step up to the table for this right now. I was looking through xF.com and honestly, I don't really understand this aspect very much. I will continue researching and see what is out there for me to learn with. This is pretty much all on me for not knowing how to code. I just wanted to follow up and thank you for checking this out for me.
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