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Resolved Best way for new fields?


If i need a new field for threads, i add it with phpmyadmin and then i add some code to an existing small addon (AndyB) that changes another field in xf_thread.

For example this could be the thread_meta add-on; when ever i have to change this field, i can just open this option and do it. This is safe and fast. Over time i have here some fields collected.
The same i do with post or resource.

Now i sit here and need a new field for the table article, but i don't have any small add-on and i don't want to change the AMS itself. Before i start this on my own, i would like to know, if there is maybe any small add-on to add a field and manipulate it?

(I guess, that the custom field doesn't help me here, because i need the value in the list view.)
If you add a field to ANY table (XF, XFRM, XFMG, AMS, Showcase etc), you have to extend the ENTITY associated with that table to add that field as part of the Entity as well as dealing with stuff like validation, preSave and postSave actions. There is plenty of information posted in the Development forum on XF on how to do this (IIRC, even the demo portal addon in the XF2 documentations explains this). You can look at XFRM code, XFMG code, AMS code, Showcase code as they all add fields to the xf_user table and you can see exactly how XFRM, XFMG, AMS and Showcase extend the XF User Entity to add fields to the xf_user table. Same exact thing would apply to adding a field to the xf_resource table or xf_xa_ams_article table.