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Custom Field Editable by Admin, Seen By All


AMS Premium
SC Premium
I am trying to improve things a bit and would like to note on a showcase listing that the item is legit. I can see what type of field I want for the custom field, and on the general options tab that I select who it's viewable by which is great because I everyone to see it, but I want only admins and mods for example to be able to manage the field.

I am already thinking this isn't something I can do but I figured I would ask in case I missed something. TIA!
So then the answer is no? I want everyone to see it, but I only want me (admin) to edit it.
Yes, the answer is NO. Anyone that can edit a piece of content that has a custom field can edit that custom field. You can create a suggestion thread (I'd post it at the Private Development site as EA license holders have more weight). The VIEWING permissions was a EA license holder suggestion. I would have never added it had it not been an EA license holder suggestion.