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Implemented CTA FT Portal Categories Block


Staff member
This is possible because of a [PAID] request that the client wishes to donate back to everyone by having it included in core.

Starting with Showcase 2.7.0 Beta 1, there is a new option that will allow you to enable a responsive Categories Block on the CTA FT Portal (this requires the CTA FT&Portal addon). This block displays Categories visually via a responsive "Tile View".

Block Behavior:
  • This block can be Enabled/Disabled.
    • When Enabled, you can set the Display location
      • Display above Featured Threads Slider
      • Display above Featured Threads List
      • Display below Featured Threads List
    • When Enabled, you can set a Block Title (OPTIONAL)
    • When Enabled, you can select the categories that you want to be displayed in the block
  • Users will only see Categories that they have permission to view.
  • Only Categories with a Category Image will be displayed.



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