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Create/Edit Item page redesign


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This is another thing I've noticed with my user's behaviour, many are confused when creating a new item why they're getting an error trying to submit. It's usually down to them not filling out the required fields in the "Sidebar Fields" tab, though even with the error message they don't click on.

Rarely do they choose to fill out the optional extra tabs as well, it's not shown without clicking so it goes straight over there heads that their could be more details for them to provide.

I'd simply suggest a new template which just stacks the tabs one on top of the other which is either the new default, or optional via the ACP.
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Im fairly frustrated with the "Tabbed" layout myself. Its caused nothing but problems, so I will probably make this change. The Resource Manager does it all "STACKED" and it seems to work just fine for very lengthy resources.

Im going to open for discussion (just to see if anyone is super opposed). I already know at least 2 people that want this changed from tabbed to stacked (myself included lol)
I agree completely, none of my members ever miss the fields in the Resource section ("Guides & DIY" for me). Hopefully this one gains some traction.

When RC2 drops I might even go as far as to write a new stacked page myself if you find yourself busy, I just try to make as few edits as possible to the add-on while still following my forum's style.
As not one single license holder opposed (you've all had since the 30th of August to speak up), I've completely redesigned the Create/Edit Item page layout to remove the TABBED Editing (which created more problems than it did helping).

The new layout is a Top to Bottom layout as follows:

Tabbed Preview (only displays the message Body for each tab, no custom fields) THIS ONLY DISPLAY WHEN YOU CLICK THE PREVIEW BUTTON

Moderation Inputs (only visible to Moderators)

General Item Info
-- Item Name
-- Description
-- Tags

Tab 1 Data
-- Custom Fields
-- message body

Tab 2 Data (only displays if category uses this tab)
-- Custom Fields
-- message body

Tab 3 Data (only displays if category uses this tab)
-- Custom Fields
-- message body

Tab 4 Data (only displays if category uses this tab)
-- Custom Fields
-- message body

Tab 5 Data (only displays if category uses this tab)
-- Custom Fields
-- message body

Custom Fields set as "Own Tab"

Sidebar Block Data
-- Custom Fields for display in the sidebar block

Self Place Custom Field
-- Custom Fields that admins can place anwhere

Uploaded Images

Image Constraints

[Save Changes] [Upload Images to Gallery] [Preview...]

Post as Update
-- Post Update Message
I've also made the REQUIRED fields BOLD RED so that it sticks out like a sore thumb. There are no longer any required fields hidden behind any tabs, so that should solve the "I can't find it" excuse.
Great call mate, I believe this has been one of the most important things to come. Ironically, I did the exact same thing to the template just a couple of weeks back. I've had tons of good feedback since I went and did it. I handled it slightly differently:

*snip* (removed images to not confuse anyone between core and your custom edits)

The only other important thing relating to this which I think is needed is a better data validator which prompts to say which field has been entered incorrectly.

Excellent work there @Bob.
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