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Category Icon's and etc?:


1) Sorry, I thought the addon came with all of those icons but I don't see any?

2) I also was wondering why the sportsbook doesn't pick up off of the [bd] Bank Monies since I linked it to work with that cash system?

3) Not seeing the addition of the 'TV' and 'Movie' categories from what I read about it being included?
1). There ARE icons in the styles/default/xenfluence/sportsbook/cat_logo folder, however, since they are trademarked, I can't preload them for use. You can edit the NFL category and add nfl.png to the Category Logo field. There are about a dozen images.

2). I use BD Bank on my site with Sportbook just fine. Inbox me a Admin Login to your site so I can check the settings.

3). Those do not come pre loaded. I created those on the Demo site yesterday to show you that Sportbook has the Capabilities to have non sports categories.
how do you add categories, the epl is in the folder but not in the list, how do I add it to the list on my forum


edit: forget that found the tips and tricks section