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UBS Premium
Hi! I have been reviewing which add-ons I wanted to purchase and realize I haven't found a description. I was able to try out the blogs, but I'm unsure about the details. Does it include the review option? What controls do I have in the admin CP? Is there somewhere I can see a description and a list of features that I may have missed?

Does it include the review option?
Yes, UBS has the same exact basic Rating/Review System as AMS, Link Directory and Showcase. The basic Rating/Reviews system is a permissions based system as well as Options based (both Global and per category). I say basic, but its much more comprehensive than XFRM or XFMG). There are Custom Review Fields, Pros and Cons, Anonymous Reviews, Ratings only, multiple reviews on the same content (all options based of course).

What controls do I have in the admin CP?
Standard CMS type features...


Is there somewhere I can see a description and a list of features that I may have missed?
When I implement a feature, it is explained in full detail (both text and images) in that features implemented suggestion thread. You should be able to quickly find out anything by searching. Don't spend HOURS tho, if you can't find something in a few minutes, just ask ;)

Some other main features of UBS:
  • Pages (for multi page blog entries)
  • Comments (lightweight comments system displayed on the blog entry)
  • Ratings/Reviews
  • Series (being able to "connect" a series of blog entries with navigation between them).
  • Draft System (UBS has its own drafts system that lets you create as many drafts that you want to (unlike XF's which is limited to 1 per category)).
  • Delayed Publishing. Create a Blog Entry and set it to publish on a given date/time in the future.
  • Several Widget Definition that lets admins create an infinite amount of UBS related Widgets due to the amount of configuration options.
  • Advanced Google Maps functionality (like Blog Maps that will display markers of blog entries within a give blog, Category Maps that display blog entries that have valid location data and individual maps on blog entry pages).
  • 100's of User Group Permissions to give you fine control over what members can and can not do in UBS (to include setting these at the Category level, just like you can at the Node level for Forums).
  • Multiple Layout Types (List View, Grid View, Tile View, Blog Entry View, Grid Block and Carousel.
  • Style Properties that control what elements are displayed on the above layout types (each type has its own elements properties)
I am probably missing something, so I will let others chime in if they see this :)

If you have not seen the UBS Demo, click here: Blog Entries

Also, if you want to mess around with a UBS demo and have access to much more information about UBS than is posted here at this site, contact me via Conversation to get access to my private development site (which is where I provide support for Premium license holders). Much more information on UBS posted there (which is soon being migrated to this site).
Thank you for the thorough response. I wasn’t able to see many threads before, but it could have been user error as it was nearly 4 am here! Can’t wait to use it. 🤍
I am probably missing something, so I will let others chime in if they see this :)
Just buy it @xomb You will not regret it. Your members will love the functionality and its an awesome upgrade to your site.