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Implemented Betting Exchange: New Bets


Staff member
As per title, the Betting Exchange has been integrated into the Core XenForo "Find New" system. When the viewing user has permission to View the Betting Exchange, they will now see a "New Bets" link in the sub navigation. Also, when viewing the Find New Area, you will see a New Bets tab (see 2nd image below).

NOTE: This isn't part of the READ MARKING system, so they won't disappear off this list if/when you view them. It's similar to the New Resources tab that lists the x most recent resources (the XFRM doesn't have a read marking system either).

There is an option to set the status types that will be fetched. Default is Pending, Open, Accepted, Awaiting and Settled. Some admins might want to trim that down a bit if they have a really super busy betting exchange. You can narrow down to just OPEN bets only or Pending and Open or Pending, Open and Accepted.


Here is an example of having the Status type set to Pending, Open and Accepted Only.

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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Some admins might want to trim that down a bit if they have a really super busy betting exchange.
Wonderful addition. :)
May you please explain the above statement a little more to me? What is defined as "busy" and what is the downside of simply keeping it:

Your site is going to dictate that. If there are pages and pages (paginated) of NEW CONTENT, you might need to cut out the fat and just display OPEN or Pending and OPEN. You'll know it when you see it. Its also something that can be changed at any time, so if you have a big event coming up that will probably have A LOT of new bets being made, you can adjust it.