sportsbook 1.8.0 beta 2

  1. Bob

    Implemented Comment Reply Enhancements: like, report, moderation, soft delete, undelete, warnings etc

    Comment Reply Enhancements: like - members can now like comment replies report - members can now report comment replies moderation - Moderators can approve/unapprove comment replies soft delete - moderators can now soft-delete comment replies (as well as hard delete) undelete - soft deleted...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Betting Exchange: New Bets

    As per title, the Betting Exchange has been integrated into the Core XenForo "Find New" system. When the viewing user has permission to View the Betting Exchange, they will now see a "New Bets" link in the sub navigation. Also, when viewing the Find New Area, you will see a New Bets tab (see...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Betting Exchange: Own Route and Own Navigation Tab

    As per title, Add a new Route and Add a new Navigation Tab for the Betting Exchange. Route: betting-exchange (instead of using sportsbook route with a sub route of betting-exchange). This is needed for some planned (and currently being developed) enhancements (comments, inline comment...
  4. Bob

    Implemented Betting Exchange: Like handler for Bets

    As per title, add the ability for users to LIKE bets.
  5. Bob

    Implemented Betting Exchange: Comments system for Bets

    As per title, add a light weight comments system to the Betting Exchange for being able to comment on a per bet basis.
  6. vanucci

    Implemented Show potential earnings when placing a bet

    Hello As briefly touched on in a PM. I would like to see others thoughts on maybe considering addding this little bit of information to the making a bet screen. wager calculator by vanucci posted Oct 28, 2015 at 11:49 PM Basically, the green text would adjust to show how much you would get...
  7. Bob

    Implemented Auto Lock individual Outcomes in Open Events

    As per title, Auto Lock individual Outcomes in Open Events Auto Lock based on the number of Wagers placed. eg, you could Auto Lock the outcome when it hits 100 wagers placed on it. Auto Lock based on the Total Stakes placed. eg, you could Auto Lock the outcome when it hits $1,000,000.00...