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Avoiding Duplicate Submissions


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I am wondering how I can make sure duplicates aren't submitted. Is this something that can only be doe manually? I can see hundreds if not thousands of additions being made to my install of showcase and I want to avoid adding 2 or 3 of the same show. Also, I upgraded to 2.0 this morning and it was super easy. Just wrapping up permissions and I am good to go.
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Yes, you'd have to do this manually for now as there is nothing that prevents duplicate Item Names.

If you know what you are doing, you could customize the addon yourself to handle it. The best way that I can think of would be to run a validation check in the _preSave method of the item data writer (requires some programming code). Just off the top of my head, you'd need to write a conflict method (similar to how core xf handles conflicts of unique node names).

Feel free to request functionality if you want/need it. I'd never force this the ONLY option as I myself have dozens of items that have the same name... ie 1969 Mustang, Boss 302, 70 Chevelle SS etc.. , but I can see it as something that people might want and should probably be handled on a category by category basis (so you can prevent dupes in specific categories and allow them in others).
Thanks Bob for the reply. I will want this down the road and I am glad to know it's possible. I am still building right now and there isn't much traffic so it's not a major concern. When it does begin to pick up though it is something I will have to address though. It could probably get very messy if I allowed several entries of one show into the showcase.
I moved this from Support into Suggestions and marked it as considered (so you don't need to start another thread).