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Showcase Attachments

Not even sure how to respond to this question as I am not sure how it applies to Showcase. Showcase is an Item Management System (CMS). It is a Category/Item hierarchy system (same architecture as like the Resource Manager at xenforo.com). Each Item has the ability to upload attachments and those are displayed in what is called an "image Gallery" (which is merely a collection of images owned by that item).

Showcase does have functionality that allows you to convert an individual discussion thread into a Showcase Item, however, only the attachments in the first post of that thread are converted to attachments owned by item. The rest of the discussion thread stays as is and is then associated with the Showcase Item.

Maybe explain what it is you are wanting to accomplish?
Looking for a system that allows me to show all the attachments/pics within the forum all in one area.
Gotcha. Ya, Showcase isn't the addon for you. Showcase is a full blown CMS.

I'd suggest hiring a developer to create an addon for you. Something like what you want is pretty basic and shouldn't cost that much (and is a pretty basic level addon).