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Implemented Attachment on Multi Page Article Management


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It seems like we can't attach images to a multi page created in an article nor use the attachments attached to the article without grabbing the image url and posting it with the tag. It would be nice if the attachments carry over to the multi page or if we could upload attachment separately to each multi page so we can attach items to that certain page.

Would this be possible to implement to make things easier when creating a multi page article?

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Attachments can only belong to a SINGLE content type (ams_article) and only be embedded into a single content types MESSAGE field via a Core XenForo Rich Text Editor. Even when there are several additional Rich Text Editors on an given input form, you can still only embed uploaded attachments with the content types "Message" field.

Fortunately, Article Pages are their own content type (ams_article_page), so it is possible to have their own attachments (which is one of the reasons why I made them their own content type to begin with).
I understand.. so it would be possible to implement the ams_article_page to have their own attachments? Is it something you already have planned from what I understood?

Thanks for the prompt reply as always Bob!
Is it something you already have planned from what I understood?
Yes. Its planned for both the XF 1.x version and the XF 2.0 version (altho, the XF 2.0 version might have a different pages architecture depending on XF 2.0 framework).
This has been implemented in AMS 1.6.0 Beta 1.

I will update this post with details when I have more time.