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Answered Any custom templates to make articles more like "portal"?


New Member

May somebody has already done it or is working on it, but I would love to know if somebody has made some custom templates for this extension so that it would be possible to make kind of portal page with articles, something similar to XenPorta?

Have you tried setting AMS Index page type to Modular and then adding Widgets to that page via the following AMS Widget Positions:
  • AMS Modular index: Main
  • AMS Modular index: Sidebar
  • AMS Modular index: Sidenav
You can make a really nice looking portal page that way :)
Hey @Bob

Thanks for your incredible quick response.

Yes, I have already played around with widgets on the modular index page, but for some reason I am looking for some "custom" templates that may give me some inspiration to play with code. May you know some live websites that use something custom templates/view with your extension? Maybe I will have to get inspired...

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Other than modifying the existing layout types (List View layout, Grid View layout, Tile View layout, Article View layout, Grid Block, Carousel Full and Carousel Simple), it would require some level of customization. @Russ from PixelExit.com does quite a bit of customization for AMS clients, in fact, he's the one that designed Title View and Grid Block layout types for AMS, you may want to give him a shout ;)

I don't know anything about XenPorta, so I don't know how many different layout types it has or what they look like, so I am really not much help from that aspect.

I don't keep track of any client sites as there are just way to many lol IIRC, there are some threads here for members to post their sites so that others can see. Not sure how current those are.

I added a note on the whiteboard to look into a site/addon showcase (kinda like what XF is doing).