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Implemented AMS Index title its own phrase


Staff member
Joeychgo said:
I would suggest that the title for the index page be either its own phrase or even better, an admin option setting.

Right now its controlled by the phrase nflj_ams_articles which controls many other elements where the word "Articles" is used. Every board may not want to title their article section as "Articles" - and easy personalization / customization is a great asset.

Some users may be happy with Articles, other may want to call it Tutorials, others might call it game cheats -- the possibilities are endless.

I've created a new Phrase for both the xen:title and xen:h1 on both AMS Index templates (nflj_ams_index and nflj_ams_modular_news).

The new phrase: nflj_ams_index_title

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