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Allow full path to category images?

Stuart Wright

The instructions read:
upload images to /styles/default/nflj/showcase/category_images
but I want to put the images on our CDN.
Could I request that the system allows us to put a full path in here like all the other standard url entry boxes for images?
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This has been changed in the next version. It now uses the core xf @imagePath style property (Appearance >> Styles >> "Style" >> Style Property Groups >> General >> Settings >> Path to Images (which by core xf default is set to styles/default).

You can then move /nflj/showcase/ ALL SC STUFF ... to your CDN. Doing it this way also lets you have different Cat Icons for different styles (dark and light).

Template code looks like this now...

        <xen:elseif is="{$item.category_image}" />
                                <a class="avatar NoOverlay" href="{xen:link showcase, $item}">
                                    <img width="48" height="48" border="0" alt="{$item.category_name}" src="@imagePath/nflj/showcase/category_images/{$item.category_image}">
I should note that ALL (not just Category Image paths) Showcase specific image paths (not attachments) have been changed to this (bxslider, category_images, icons and slider).