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Not Planned Add "X" to SideNav menu

Discussion in 'AMS Closed Suggestions' started by frm, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. frm

    frm New Member AMS Premium CAS Premium EMS Early Adopter LD Premium RMS Premium SC Premium

    Could an X be added to the pop-up menus such as in XF's? Right now, tapping to the right of the menu works to collapse it on both XF and AMS (possibly other XenAddons as well), but an X might give a better UX.

    XF menu
    Clicking categories, no X.
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    The first image is the XenForo off canvas menu for the XenForo Navigation System. The 2nd image is the XenForo SideNav menu (they are 2 different menus. both controlled by XenForo, not addons). You'd need to suggest to XenForo to modify the SideNav to include an X like the off canvas menu has (and IIRC, there already is an existing suggestion for this)

    XenForo (and their 2 addons) use the SideNav.

    Here is a shot of the XenForo Resource Manager using the SideNav.


    Here is a shot of the XenForo Media Gallery using the SideNav.


    Here is a shot of the Members page using the SideNav.

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