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add the product for upgrade to the store


New Member
How about add the feature of upgrade the product to store that available on cart more easily and conveniently.
If you can't support it manually right now. And then I could reserve upgrade it for anytime when I want to.

Thank you.

ps; before conversation
Hello @Bob

Looks new Blog System too.
Expected with best code.
But I've never touch others than SC yet.

I hope it would be soon.

Today I suggest one.
  1. Not easy to renewal license. Still not support Payment System.
  2. As SC, the Attached Images enable to add its caption to describe easily each picture. This is necessary to handle item I think.
Before new SC on XF2 come out, I will upgrade now if the latest stable version support to PHP7 fully in Custom Field Search.

Do you plan to enable import old version items to new one.

I wonder this is proper posted in here.:rolleyes:
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If you have suggestions for Showcase, please post them in the Showcase Suggestion forum.

I've been running PHP7 here for over a year now. You can see that Showcase works just fine with PHP7.