1. Carlo

    Resolved Cover image from Attachment

    Hi there! I just bought the AMS, and I would like to know if its possible to let AMS use the first attachment in an article as a cover image. Right now I am using RSS feeds, but the grid system shows a blueish image, but I would like this to be changed into the first attachment in the imported...
  2. K

    Date Filter like Wordpress

    If I can suggest a change, introduce the date filter for articles. That is, the possibility of seeing all the articles of a given day, of a given month, of a given year. Like on Wordpress. This feature add-on that changes blogpost and article URLs by entering the date in them. And that it...
  3. Chernabog

    Resolved AMS Articles... shouldn't they show in the Feeds?

    So, it could very well be on my end and my apologies if this has already been addressed and I missed it... I have noticed that when I create new articles they do not populate to the XenForo feeds system. Now, I am running Audentio's feed add-on, so not sure if that is the challenge -- but I...
  4. O

    Article Management System AMS XenAddons Product Review

    When a customer receives good service or attention, it's very likely that they'll buy your products or visit you again. Bob you showed empathy, showed interest in the customer's problem or inquiry. You asked questions to be clear about what the problem was, and found a solution. I always think...
  5. K

    Article Management System Slider in AMS possible?

    Hi there, we are thinking about using AMS to replace a Wordpress portal before the XF forums in our project. So my question is, if we can place a slider at the top of the article management system? Thanks for supporting us. Greetings Klaus
  6. Kintaro

    Article Management System AMP support

    is AMS supporting AMP? I can see AMP results popup on desktop too, I think is important to support it.
  7. Kintaro

    Article Management System unread articles

    Is there available a filter to see only unread articles?