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Date Filter like Wordpress

Discussion in 'AMS Suggestions' started by Kairete, Sep 3, 2021.

  1. Kairete

    Kairete Member AMS Premium RMS Premium SC Premium UBS Premium

    If I can suggest a change, introduce the date filter for articles. That is, the possibility of seeing all the articles of a given day, of a given month, of a given year. Like on Wordpress.

    This feature add-on that changes blogpost and article URLs by entering the date in them. And that it therefore shows all blog posts (from UBS) and all articles (from AMS) according to the chosen date.
    This is an example from Wordpress.

    L’INUTILE ODIO PER IL CARCERIERE (di Franco Marino) – Il Detonatore

    [​IMG] www.ildetonatore.it
    30 Gennaio 2022 – Il Detonatore

    [​IMG] www.ildetonatore.it
    Gennaio 2022 – Il Detonatore

    [​IMG] www.ildetonatore.it
    2022 – Il Detonatore

    [​IMG] www.ildetonatore.it

    The same thing i need for UBS and AMS

    If you insert this feature, you will solve for me many problems
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